How to Stay Healthy at Sunday's Super Bowl Party

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No matter where you watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, there’s bound to be a ton of traditionally delicious snacks that are bad for your teeth and your waistline. Dr. Scott Walker, dentist in Beaverton, Oregon, encourages patients of all ages to guard their dental health with these helpful tips to navigate the Super Bowl Sunday buffet.

Host Your Own Party

It’s not too late to consider hosting your own Super Bowl party with healthy snacks. Instead of loading the table with varieties of chips and heavy dips, opt instead for tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa. Provide an expansive veggie tray to add color and additional crunch, combined with hummus for dipping. If you absolutely must have chicken wings and pizza, make the chicken wings at home (bake them instead of frying them) and provide thin dough, sauce and healthy toppings so that guests can make their own.

Bring a Snack to Share

Not hosting? Contribute to the get-together you’re joining by bringing one or two of your slimmed-down favorites. If you are a fan of the Paleo philosophy of eating, make a dessert to share with those who might not believe that a whole-foods form of dessert can exist! Or bring a trail mix that is a delicious blend of nuts and dried fruit, maybe with some carob or dark chocolate pieces added for just the right amount of sweet.

Curb Munching Throughout the Day

Because there usually are a lot of tempting snacks, it’s important to still think about the main dish you want to eat during the party. The Super Bowl happens late in the afternoon and runs through the dinner hour. Instead of snacking the entire length of the game, think about what on the table could be considered a main course. Chili, for example, is high in fiber and protein – if it doesn’t look too greasy, head for a bowl of it for a satisfying main dish.

Another option is to look for deli sandwiches or subs. Look for one with turkey or ham and skip the cheese and mayo. Instead, add pickles, tomatoes and lettuce if possible and mustard for an extra kick.

Navigating Chicken and Pizza

It could be that all that will be on the buffet table besides your healthy snack that you brought to share are bags of chips, pizza and fried chicken. Don’t give up and decide to go hungry and miserable. If you decide to have chicken, choose a chicken breast and ditch the fatty skin along with the bones. If you go for pizza, try to get thin crust with plain cheese. Blot the grease away and pile on veggies if you can – spinach, red pepper, mushrooms, and zucchini are excellent if they’re available.

Sneak Away to Brush

Before leaving for the party, stash a travel toothbrush and toothpaste into your purse or pocket. Once you’re done eating, head to the bathroom and brush your teeth. This not only helps clean the surfaces of your teeth and prevent decay, but the lingering flavor of toothpaste can deter you from overeating.

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