An Ageless Smile: Is Dental Work the New Fountain of Youth?

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What if having your smile fixed could be more effective than Botox when it comes to holding back the affects of aging? Well based on the latest trend in cosmetic dentistry, a growing segment of aesthetic dentists have started pushing noninvasive dental treatments as an alternative to dermatology and plastic surgery.

While it may be hard to believe that veneers and other cosmetic dental procedures can create the same effect on an individual’s appearance as a face lift, the results promised by many aesthetic dentists might surprise you.

Ageless Face, Timeless Smile

When skin ages, it begins to lose collagen and elasticity over time, which causes sagging, wrinkles and a more hollowed-out look to develop. As teeth age, they begin to shift, wear down and occasionally need to be removed if damaged by disease. What many people don’t realize is that teeth help to support the lower third of the face, and when teeth fail, this support begins to collapse.

To reverse this effect and improve a patient’s appearance, aesthetic dentists perform what’s commonly referred to as a “Smile Lift,” which basically means changing the position of teeth to position that will offer better support to the upper lip. Another way to think about this type of procedure: teeth act as a foundation on which the rest of the face is built.  For example, an individual with collapsing teeth may decide to have a lip injection. While some fullness to the lips will be restored, you real support will be provided. However, having teeth repaired restores balance to a patient’s face, while also treating any underlying issues that would come back after quick fix solutions like cosmetic surgery or Botox.

Whitening procedures also help to reverse the affects of time, returning the lost luster that most smiles suffer as a result of years of consuming tooth staining substances like coffee, tea and red wine.

Ideally, a whiter smile featuring a healthy set of teeth will help improve a patient’s appearance in a more sustainable way when compared to cosmetic surgery or Botox.

Is a Smile Lift Right For You?

While cosmetic dental procedures do offer patients a useful way of repairing their smile, undergoing Smile Lift may not be right for everyone.

The procedure often involves the use of dental veneers, which are bonded onto a patient’s teeth. To make room for veneers to fit seamlessly with a patient’s smile, a dentist may need to remove healthy material from teeth located nearby the affected area. Once a patient’s teeth have been shaped and contoured to fit dental veneers, it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to reverse the procedure. This means making a lifetime commitment to the results of any Smile Lift.

Certain types of cosmetic dentistry, such as whitening, may not be available to all patients, especially those whose oral health is too compromised for treatment. Deciding whether to undergo any type of cosmetic dental procedure is a decision that shouldn’t be considered lightly. Make sure to consult with Beaverton, Oregon dentist Dr. Walker before making any final decision regarding the health of your smile.

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