Are You Wrecking your Teeth? Worst Habits for Your Smile.

Here at Murray Schools Family Dental, your Beaverton cosmetic dentist, we care about your teeth. However, there are certain things that you may be doing and you don’t even realize that are actually wrecking your teeth. To ensure you are at your happiest healthiest self, we wanted to give you the top ways that you could be hurting your teeth.

Avoid Gummy Candy
The first is eating too much gummy candy. With Halloween coming up candy is top of mind for most of us, however, it’s important to avoid gummy candy because this is the worst type of sweet treat for your teeth. The gummy candies stick in between your crevices in your teeth and the sugar and acid build up. And eventually cause cavities.

Avoid Soda and Juice Drinks
Avoid drinking soda drinks, they are extremely bad for your teeth and overall health. One soda can have up to 11 teaspoons of sugar in one serving. The main reason soda and colas are so bad for you is because it contains phosphorus and citric acids which eat away and tear into the teeth.

Avoid Chewing Ice Cubes
Avoid chewing on ice cubes. Ice cubes may be a refreshing break for your mouth but they are very bad for your teeth. It’s bad to chew on ice because it can damage your teeth especially if you have fillings. Instead pick sugarless gum, your teeth will be happier and so will you dentist visits.

Avoid Saltines
Saltine crackers are not so good for your oral teeth. Did you know that saltine crackers convert to sugarcane immediately which means that it feeds the bacteria that is already in your mouth, which eventually can cause it to multiply and that is what will give you bad breath.

Dr. Scott R. Walker suggests that you avoid sugary foods. Especially this Halloween season, instead chew on sugar-free gum or drink extra water, both of these will be very good for your teeth.

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