Dental Procedures Every Person Needs

Regardless of whether or not you have dental insurance, comprehensive general dental care is necessary for a lifetime of overall good health. Basic dental services establish a baseline regarding the health of your teeth and take care of problems before they turn into emergencies. Plus, they cost a lot less than you think.

Comprehensive General Dental Exams

A dental exam is a preventive measure, like a regular physical with a medical doctor. The comprehensive general dental exam helps you and Dr. Walker keep track of the health of your teeth, as well as any potential problems or new situations that may crop up. Regular visits at Murray Scholls Family Dental are extremely important for establishing and maintaining a healthy baseline – the American Dental Association recommends dental exams every six months.

The cost for a dental exam ranges from fifty to a little over a hundred dollars, a small price to pay for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. If you don’t have dental insurance, check with your state’s health department for low-cost options available to you, or make payment arrangements with Murray Scholls Family Dental.

Digital X-rays

They might be tempting to skip, but digital dental x-rays are an important part of a regular dental check-up. The x-rays taken of your mouth can identify potential problems that don’t present any symptoms, like impacted teeth, tumors, bite problems, tooth decay or periodontal disease.

The cost of dental x-rays range from about fifteen to a little over a hundred dollars, and the standard bitewing x-rays are more budget-friendly than new technology in this area. If money is an issue, don’t forego the x-rays altogether. Instead, talk with Dr. Walker and his team at Murray Scholls Family Dental regarding your financial concerns and the x-rays that you can afford.

Teeth Cleaning

No matter how well or how often you brush and floss your teeth, a professional dental cleaning is essential to your health. Bacteria sticks to your teeth and forms plaque, which hardens into a yellowish substance called tartar. Over time, this can lead to cavities and gum disease.

A professional cleaning at Murray Scholls Family Dental prevents plaque and tartar build-up, avoiding gum disease and the costly treatments it requires. A professional teeth cleaning is reasonably priced around fifty dollars, and may be combined with a dental exam.

Fillings for People of All Ages

Cavities are prevalent in our society for people of all ages. They can also be undetected with few symptoms until a painful toothache requires expensive emergency treatment. Cavities can also lead to tooth sensitivity, bad breath, and tooth loss.

A dental exam and having any cavities filled can help you avoid these scenarios, stopping the development of cavities. Standard fillings – called amalgam – cost around seventy-five dollars and can be done fairly quickly.

Consider the money you spend on any of these procedures at your choice for family dentist in Beaverton, OR: Murray Scholls Family Dental an investment in your health – after all, you’re worth it!

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