Is Your Bite Off?

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Here at Murray Schools Family Dental, Beaverton pediatric dentist, we often get many patients curious about how to correct their bad bite. Sometimes they ask about the symptoms and are curious to find what the route cause is. If you have problems such as migraine headaches, muscle soreness in your temples and in your forehead, bruxing, grinding, and clenching it could be a sign that you have a poor bite.

Poor bites are when the teeth clench down in improper positions. A good bite is when you close your jaw and the muscles tie closely together. The greatest number of teeth are touching. Advantages to having a good bite are really noticed when you eat. When the mouth chews it is natural and easy to swallow your food. People who suffer from bad bites have to work twice as hard to chew and process their food.

The result of a poor bite is, bruxing and grinding, broken teeth, lost fillings, soreness, headaches, and a multitude of other

Many patients have been told that those little ridges on their teeth where they enter the gums are due to the patient brushing improperly, and abrading the tooth structure. But this is yet another symptom and it is almost universally caused by a bad bite.

There are many treatment options for a bad bite, but we recommended a professional consultation first. Then we can diagnose the proper method to fix the bite. In general the bite needs to reposition to the teeth. This is the method we do most often.

This might only require a minor bite adjustment to correct the matter, or the teeth may need to be aligned better. Perhaps some or all of them restored. But until the bite itself is made comfortable, there is little long term relief from tooth wear, breakage, or muscle-related problems.

And once the muscles in your mouth are more comfortable, your outlook on life will generally improve. Eating and chewing are easier, headaches are far fewer, even minor clicks and pops in your jaw joint become rare.

Any time a patient undergoes dental restorations, the teeth can last longer, and seldom chip. Generally, we see that patients outlook on life improve. Because when you feel better you look better, and when you look better you want to express yourself more freely.

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