Women's Health Closely Linked To Oral Health

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For men and women of all ages, enjoying quality oral health means maintaining a regular schedule of brushing and flossing daily. At Murray Scholls Family Dental, Beaverton cosmetic dentist Dr. Scott Walker want patients to know that practicing proper oral hygiene helps to remove harmful bacteria and lingering food particles from the mouth that contribute to…

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Don't Neglect Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

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For expectant mothers, taking care of their oral health becomes both more important and more difficult. Pregnancy causes a variety of hormonal changes to occur that increase a woman’s risk of developing gum disease, which can negatively impact the health of a developing infant. To help ensure you and your baby remain healthy throughout the…

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New Study Shines Light on Causes of Oral Cancers

In recent years, a growing amount of research has found compelling links between oral disease and a number of long-term health conditions. Researchers have discovered previously unknown connections between gum disease and such chronic diseases as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. from your choice for family dentistry in Beaverton, we…

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Oral Health Deteriorates During Hospital Stays

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Maintaining your oral health remains a life long commitment to brushing and flossing and receiving regular dental checkups and exams. However, when people become sick and require hospitalization, they begin to focus less on maintaining their oral health, according to a new study. New research suggests that oral health deteriorates when patients stay in hospitals…

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